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Colorado Micro Devices has become the America’s factory representative for Dresden Elektronik and Agilion. Each of these relationships combine to bring you the best in IEEE 802.15.4 wireless products.

Colorado Micro Devices

Colorado Micro Devices is a team of experienced embedded and wireless engineers building systems, firmware and software to solve real world wireless problems. Our folks have had a hand in IEEE802.15.4, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN standards development and proprietary networks too. Turn on, tune in and drop in a Colorado Micro Devices wireless solution today.

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dresden elektronik

dresden elektronik is a German design, engineering and manufacturing powerhouse producing the finest IEEE 802.15.4 modules built on Atmel superior silicon technology. Whether you need to buy certified modules to “Drop in, Turn on and Tune in” or you need RF design engineering help, dresden elektronik through CMD can help you design and manufacture your product to get to market fast.

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Agilion is a Real Time Localization Systems (RTLS) expert company. Agilion designs and manufactures RTLS based wireless networks with German precision. If you need to locate your “things” indoors or out with up to ½ meter accuracy then you need Agilion which is available in the Americas through CMD.

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